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Leaving the matrix


Gullibility is a failure of social intelligence by which persons are tricked or manipulated into an ill-advised course of action. It is related to credulity, which is the tendency to believe unlikely propositions that are unsupported by evidence. At this point in our history it is clear, that facts are irrelevant, and that propaganda is gospel, and gullibility supplants analytical thought.

All information is controlled and the people are trained to believe the propaganda or be accused of a lack of patriotism and consorting with terrorists and the enemy (s). The public largely belief everything and anything they are told. Further, they don’t feel themselves as being hurt, they are well-fed, live in comfort, in relative peace and prosperity, and cling to their lifestyles. However once awake to these methodologies and to the constraints and controls, is to be aware of the reality of the matrix and that requires action to find ways to escape from this tyranny. That important next step may not necessarily follow immediately or ever, for that matter. This step requires that we are truthful and self-aware of our vulnerability to propaganda.

If you take this magnificent step, you are beyond being controlled or manipulated. You will be satisfied with less. You will no longer envy others. Instead, you will want much more intangible experiences rather than the consumable mainstream celebrity shit.

If your masters were to look you in the eye at the moment of your freedom they will realise that they fear us. In fact, it is the enslavers themselves who are the least free. You will note that I have used the term ‘Masters’ and not elected officials. Voters continue to believe that the elected officials run their country, but it is the Deep State and Shadow Governments that pull the strings.

The opportunity to leave the matrix remains open to all. It begins with the reality and frustration that our peers prefer to sleepwalk, and ultimately culminates into a feeling of autonomy and the knowledge that you’re not alone. Become an unplayable piece on the board in order to beat these bastards.

“Take us to your leader!” is the science fiction cliché… but what if there’s no leader to be taken to, and there’s no one to do the leading? Consider the philosophy of Eric Frank Russell’s 1951 story “…And Then There Were None” that unlocks the secret of the most dangerous weapon ever known to humanity. Herein lies the answer (or at least one possible answer) to our woes.


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