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The premier lie


The plaque says that if you “are easily discouraged,” don’t be, for there is a man who: Failed in business in 1831; was defeated for the legislature in ’32; again failed in business in ’34; his sweetheart died in 35; had a nervous breakdown in ’36; was defeated in an election in ’38; was defeated in a run for Congress in ’43; was defeated in a run for Congress in ’46; was defeated in a run for Congress in ’48; was defeated in a run for the U.S. Senate in ’55; defeated for vice president in ’56; defeated for senate again in ”58 . . . I would add that this man also had several mental illnesses; his friends took all knives out of his house for fear he would commit suicide; wrote poems about suicide; and took “medicine” for depression that included a heavy dose of mercury, which was said at the time to cause “violent mood swings,” among other things. “That man was Abraham Lincoln,” says the plaque. The alternative interpretation, of course, is that in politics and government, society’s losers and misfits rise to the top.

Governments are founded on the “premier lie.” This lie applies regardless of party affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation or whatever. All governments—past and present–are founded on the “premier lie:” politicians in power will represent the interests of the powerless.

The “premier lie” imagines selfish, power-seeking, egoistic politicians, upon achieving electoral success, transmuting into humble, compassionate, ethical “representatives of the powerless people.” The presstitudes role is to propagate the lie and convince people that a politicians’ drive for power vanishes when elected, and is replaced by love for powerless people, even at the expense (sacrifice) of their own careers or personal wealth. Recent historical events challenge the myth that our politicians care about us and protect us and keep us safe. Their goal is to do the will of their masters. That way, politicians can maintain their positions of prominence and power in government for as long as they possibly can. Thus, will electing an opposition candidate make any difference or any candidate for that matter? Never!

Further, politicians want us to believe that they are “serving their nation,” and are not leveraging power for their personal aims. They spin the lie that they are running for office in the hope of “serving their nation” but never for serving their own lust for power. Let’s be realistic, anyone who seeks power covets it for themselves.

The very idea that people in power can be representatives of those who are powerless is absurd on its face. Everyone, individuals and groups of people make decisions in their own self interest. Everyone’s aim is to increase their own size, power and influence.

That philosophy pervades the halls of all national capitols, where the claim of “serving the people” is nothing more than a sales pitch to get elected so that real power can be wielded against those whom they claim to represent. Even the most corrupt government regimes claim to represent the interests of the common people.

Politicians–with a few–notable exceptions–are little more than legislative prostitutes for big corporate interests. Those who seek power almost always covet it exclusively for themselves.

The servile presstitutes learned the propaganda lessons well as did the mainstream media prostitutes in the West: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe the premier lie, and it enters the realm of the cliché. However, the lie can be maintained only so long as the controllers can shield people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It is important for the controllers to use their powers to repress dissent, for truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the controllers.

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