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Two Thousand and Sixteen



The illuminati will never ever permit the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Brexit is presented to the public like a boiled egg—hard, soft or medium—designed to satisfy a wide range of stakeholders, and provide the presstitutes with a platform. Yet, the Brexit crowd need to prepare for disappointment. It won’t happen. Nations such as Greece, Spain and others would have bailed out years ago if exiting the European Union was possible then. Despite all the speculation then by smart intelligent people–It is not possible. It never was and is not now.

The European Union is the core, the central universe of the new world order (NWO). It’s programme consists of ongoing enlargement and control by enveloping more and more willing and not so willing nations. Shrinkage will never be tolerated, of that I’m certain.

To allow the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is an anathema. Such an outcome is prevented by: secret societies in the grip of the illuminati and other mysterious entities, NATO, and coercion in its various forms leading to mysterious death and disappearances. Further, the illuminati have the power to manipulate and control markets and create false flags (this is common practice) to influence any recidivists or other malingering activists. These are dangerous risky times for those influential Brexit supporters. Reread George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four—now is a good time.

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