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Agents of truth


The battle for history has been largely lost and the people are silenced. What should we do to counteract this state of affairs? Read, share, distribute, listen. That’s what you should do. But first, turn away from the vile mainstream media: one of the ways (the principle method) by which the rulers maintains order and compliance.

Subversive information is the most potent power of all. No one must fall into the trap of believing that the mainstream media speaks for the public. That wasn’t true in Stalinist
Czechoslovakia and it isn’t anymore true in Donald Trump’s United States.

Yet, the public are seeing through the concealed role of the mainstream media. If you are like most people walking our earth, at this time, you are also aware of certain glimmers and suspicions, of the true nature/reality of our world. When, in fact, our world is nothing like you and others think it is. People are betrayed and need truth, and journalists ought to be the agents of truth not the courtiers of power. Journalists need to ask themselves about the role they play in the bloodshed in the name of a bogus objectivity. Such a movement within the mainstream media could herald a perestroika of a kind we’ve never known. This is possible but fragile.

There are wonderfully knowledgeable determined free spirits who populate the alternative media web. I can’t mention them all here. But look them up and start sharing.

  • David Icke
  • David Stockman
  • James Corbett
  • John Pilger
  • Jon Rappoport
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Mike Adams   
  • Paul Craig Roberts
  • Richie Allen

Wakeup and be kind to each other!

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