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The quality of Australian TV advertising


Obnoxious advertising is embedded into all Australian TV programmes and that includes the ABC. The scale of the advertising  leaves little if any space for actual programmes. No matter, much are cheap re-re-re-re-runs anyway, and then there are cheap fishing, cooking, travel and similar junk programmes, and then there are news programmes that propagate the lies and omissions demanded by the masters. These ‘expert’ news establishment broadcasts occupy the bulk of daily broadcasting with their blue screen technology. Everything is cheap and obnoxious and furthermore their awful blatant lies are invisible to many. Total lies.

John Pilger: The Invisible Government

There is no escape from being bombarded by screaming advertising lunatics other than by switching of. Australian TV is nothing more that a miserable platform to bombard viewers with advertising. It’s my impression that many if not all Australians refer to TV advertising as ‘commercials.’ Not advertising. The public is overloaded with propaganda and ‘commercial’ may make the bitter advertising pill easier to swallow. This technique may also ease the pain of being trapped and enslaved to the banks and other institutions.

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