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Who are the terrorists?


The Neo-conservatives used George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to destroy in whole or part seven sovereign nations: Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria, by murdering, maiming, and displacing millions of Muslims. General Wesley Clark. Of course, one has to add the US/UK invasion of Afghanistan. And, let’s not forget that ex president Barack Obama bombed Somalia throughout his presidency. He not only relentlessly bombed Yemen, but also supported the Saudi-led coalition’s brutal assault on Yemen’s civilian population.

The US and its allies are perpetrating a “Perpetual War,” “Endless War,” or “The Forever War” that is a lasting state of war with no ending conditions. These wars are situations of ongoing tension that may escalate at any moment (e.g., WWIII) similar to the situation of the Cold War.

It is extraordinary how little terrorism this massive crime against Muslims has caused. All of the terrorism is the terrorism of the Western alliance against Muslims in seven and more sovereign nations. Yet, according to the Israelis, Palestinians have been terrorizing innocent Jews since the 1940s. If true, all to no effect as Palestine literally no longer exists. Indeed, Palestine is now a ghetto routinely terrorized by Israel.

When will we wake up to the violence and the never ending deaths, terrorism, the bomb attacks. Surely, we demand  peace, now more than ever before. This is something pure, something worth striving for. A real cause to keep us engaged. Beyond cynicism. A cause to be passionate and political about.

Your are intelligent enough to know that bombers didn’t appear from out of the blue. Anger and hate have emerged from a sense of injustice and futility. From unjust wars. We demand peace, desperately. There’s been enough killing. Wake up and make peace the plan for this century.

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