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The Devil in human form


Oh, if only slaughterhouses had glass walls, if only the “average” person — how meaningless is an “average” Nazi? — could hear the cries and calls, all of this would stop, some say. But they do have glass walls and you pass them every day — the meat counters in every store where the innocents are dismembered, displayed and replaced in gargantuan numbers, “beings endowed with movement, with perception and with voice” (Plutarch again) — piles and piles of innocents showing you their blood, their very insides, screaming out if they could, while you pretend to be special and civilized, imagining yourselves deserving of justice and compassion when you won’t show it to them. You aren’t religious, you aren’t spiritual, you aren’t just. Denounce dog-eating in Korea while you eat cows, pigs and chickens? Fuck you. Save the tears. Nobody’s impressed. Think you have a spiritual” connection to your cat or dog while eating other animals? Get off the fucking planet. You’re living a lie. Self-mystifiers have no reason for being. Think your dog or cat has a soul but a chicken or a pig or a deer or a fish or a mouse doesn’t? Neither can be proved but it shows how petty and detestable you are, how ungodlike for lack of a better word. You’re not really present on earth and you’re definitely not in heaven. You’re nowhere until you cease to murder. ~Randy Shields (3 February 2017) You Gotta Serve Somebody, Not Some Body,

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form. ~The Right Reverend William Ralph Inge

Consciousness is universal in all living beings and living systems. Those non-humans that are readily slaughtered all have consciousness. From insects down to microbes all are beings with memories. Indeed, all non-humans have a factional sliver of consciousness and experience self-awareness at any given moment.

Carnivores, humane slaughter only exists in your cowardly minds. Life on earth isn’t compatible with your insatiable hunger for the flesh of the 100 billion land animals that are raised and killed worldwide each year, to say nothing of your voracious strip-mining of the seas.

Humans continue to gorge their fill on animal corpses in ever increasing numbers. This behaviour ignores the reality that these non-humans don’t want to suffer any more that you or I, and don’t want to die anymore that you or I. Wakeup.

Further reading
Randy Shields (3 February 2017) You Gotta Serve Somebody, Not Some Body,

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