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The modern transnational Corporation


The Devil’s Chessboard confirms that your darkest suspicions about how the world operates are likely an underestimate. Yes, there is an amorphous group of unelected corporate lawyers, bankers, and intelligence and military officials who form an American ‘deep state,’ setting real limits on the rare politicians who ever try to get out of line. ~Jon Schwarz

… the Western public must bear in mind the tremendous amount of falsehood is contained with the pages of any given Western media outlet. They must realize that events both foreign and domestic are often 180 degrees different from what they are told by the corporate outlets. ~Brandon Turbeville (24 August 2015) Western Propaganda Method: Claim Dead Terrorists As Dead Civilians, Activist Post

Everyone by now must surely be aware of the injured and precarious state of our precious world. But, ultimately, who is responsible for this tragic mess? The mess-making, in fact, is done In the name of profit and shareholders, Corporations rape and pillage our planet, then blame it on us consumers, and then shame us and guilt us into paying more for, and to fix what we have allegedly caused to break by our veracious appetite as consumers. Consider the enormous contribution by volunteers to clean-up oil-spills and such like. This service is, of course, provided gratis.  

If and when that approach stops working, then Corporations will simply insist that there are too many consumers and Corporate depopulation, Corporate birth control, Corporate people management, Corporate something else would be the viable and only solution to us, the problem makers. The alleged destroyers of our world.

You see, after all, it is us consumers, according to Corporations, who broke the climate, the ocean, the natural resources, the animals, the roads, the birds, the governments, the forests, resisting opening their borders to inflows of vast numbers of immigrants, and the killing and the injuring of millions of people and causing the internal and external displacement of millions more, and of course corporations will put Humpty back together again but only if the consumers pay them for their trouble!

Corporations will not sacrifice short-term profit for long-term environmental benefit. Greed is the absolute master of all that Corporations do, with human and ecological consequences of zero concern except for public relations reasons, that fluctuate. When a Corporation does business, it expects to extort us. When it crashes, it expects us to bail it out, with no penalties to those in charge. When it demands global trade deals, it expects to negate the power of the human community. If anyone wanted to design an economic/industrial entity more perfectly suited to eradicating human life and destroying our planet, you could hardly do better than the modern transnational Corporation. Ten Corporations control 70-90 per cent of all the seeds cultivated on this planet. They are: Monsanto – 27% of market share; DuPont  -17% of market share; Syngenta – 9% of market share; Groupe Limagrain; Land O’ Lakes/Winfield Solutions; KWS AG; Bayer CropScience; Dow AgroSciences; Sakata; and DLF-Trifolium A/S. [2]  If you want to live and eat after WWIII, you’d have no choice but to be under the total control of these few entities.

… supporters of Svalbard, Bill Gates and the Rockefellers are known population control artists who have altered our environment in a number of drastic ways to “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature,” as stated plainly on the Georgia Guidestones. Svalbard is the grisly fall-out plan B, for a multi-point roll out of death technology meant to cull the masses. It isn’t meant to save us, or our seed. We are nothing more than guinea pigs for their biological/medical experiments.

This is a form of genocide, meant to protect only the elite few who believe they have a special duty to develop a transhumanist society. What better way to control the handful of humans left on the planet after complete annihilation than to utterly control their food?

Welcome to the New World Order. Svalbard is only one ‘doomsday’ vault in a multi-faceted plan to create doom overall.

Monsanto is one of the most dangerous Corporations on the planet. They have created some of the most dangerous products that include Agent Orange, dioxin, recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), herbicide Roundup and genetically modified seeds. Consider:

… the wealth of the western powers like France, America, and Great Britain was built on slavery and genocide. Today this same process continues and ironically as the UN revealed recently slavery is on the rise worldwide. Meanwhile at the end of the civil war in the United States they put an important loophole in the abolition of slavery allowing it for prisoners. Prison Labour is a massively growing sector of the American economy and just as the great fortunes of the 18th and 19th century were tied to slavery todays multinational corporations are deeply invested in the growth of the mass incarceration state. Of course, it would take a whole new article to describe the companies involved big names like McDonalds and Goldman Sachs. Slavery didn’t end like they told us in school. Slavery is on the rise! Latin American workers in the US have become major new victims. There is not any crime that capitalism will not commit if it creates a few percentage points of profit. Until capitalism is abolished the world will never know an end to war, slavery, genocide, imperialism, exploitation and poverty. [1]

The business of public relations (PR) functions to thwart democracy and maintain the power and control of the rich and their Corporations. Western governments use PR to control their citizens, and Corporate mainstream media is an echo chamber for Corporate and government propaganda.

We are enslaved to the financial systems. We are enslaved to the laws that govern us. We are enslaved to governments and their armies of thugs, who will do us harm to maintain the status quo. It is a tiny number of people who have tricked 99.99 per cent of the people into submission and enslavement. They use the mainstream Corporate media to keep us in a state of fear by means of fabricated threats. People accept what they see as truth. These few people know how to push the sheep in any direction they choose. Thus we live with little freedom in a comatose state that does not permit alternative ways of thinking. It should be painfully obvious to anyone awake that the world has been taken over by Corporations: food, energy, medicine, entertainment, education, banking and so on, we are living in the ‘age of cartels.’

Recognise the lies, distortions and misinformation that spews from the mouths of the controlled media. Corporations own nearly everything you see, hear, and read through the radio, television and print media. Mainstream media catapults Corporate propaganda and fills the minds of people with total drivel as a distraction from the real history shaped around us. Wake up!


1. Capitalism and Slavery

2. Svalbard – How the Elite Plan to Survive an Engineered Extinction Event

Updated: 29 November 2016

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