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Let the people make the policies


These thoughts and views are shaped by the Brexit referendum and my understanding of how the Swiss people largely make and decide their policies as do Icelanders. 

Thus, it’s time for the people of Australia to make their own policies and only vote for those candidates who offer the best solutions to achieve their goals. Voter participation would exceed all expectations, and our country would evolve into a truly genuine democracy.

The policies resulting from national policy referenda would be responsible. Our people—collectively—are much smarter than most political candidates, or their panels of unelected experts, for that matter. The voters would formulate wholesome policies compared to psychopathic politicians who sell their positions of trust to the highest bidder.

Given the opportunity, the people are not only capable of charting their own future, but they are smart, wise, and brave enough to seize the chance to do so. There is no alternative—the people must take control of their own government. The consent of the people to be governed and represented by psychopathic politicians must no longer be taken for granted. Wake up.

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