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Keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit


Australians, on 2 July 2016, head to the polls to elect their government. I avoid the mainstream media like it is a combination of the Black Death, Smallpox and HIV/AIDS. Thus, to gain a glimmer of the state of political play, I turned to several ‘alternative’ media websites for information. What do I want from these publications? Truthful insightful reporting. Instead, they report insignificant minutia of the key contenders seeking to retain or acquire power and thereby overlook or cover-up the real issues.

The mainstream media mouthpieces for the establishment peddle false narratives, disingenuous storylines, and outright propaganda to keep the ignorant masses confused, oblivious to reality, misinformed, and passively submissive to the opinions of highly paid “experts” and captured fiscal authorities. The existing social order likes things just as they are.

They reap ill-gotten riches, wield unchecked power, and control the minds of the masses. They are the invisible government consciously manipulating the minds, habits and opinions of the multitudes in order to dominate society, control the levers of government, and accumulate obscene levels of wealth through manipulation of the currency and domination of the banking and corporate interests.

They fear the masters and are no less a mouth piece of the controllers then the mainstream media. These mature, well-educated, journalists should know better but they don’t. They fear over-stepping the mark and, engage in pointless gibberish (typical of the Australian media). The script remains unchanged. They are charged to distract their readers from the reality of this fabricated world and keep the masses in the dark. If you think you’re well-informed and well-served by mainstream or alternative media, you’re mistaken. Wake up that reality!

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