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Australians are required to vote on 2 July 2016


Mark twain said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” Emma Goldman expressed the same sentiment: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

Politicians are the lowest kind … They are clever, they are cunning, they are mean, too; and they make every effort for a single goal – how to be more powerful. Their only desire is for more power – not for more peace, not for more being, not for more truth, not for more love…  ~Osho, The Razor’s Edge, Ch 11, Q 1

Australians are required to vote on Saturday 2 July 2016. How do I know that? I received an information pack that told me so and much else. Emphasising that voting is compulsory.


My sign was ignored—once again. I was told by our postmaster that it is compulsory for his staff to deliver these kinds of materials.

However you vote, the secret government wins. Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to the fact that the system is rigged and voting is pacification and doesn’t count or makes any difference. State control of information and the ability to manipulate it makes the right to vote pointless. Let’s not forget that the foremost weaknesses of human nature is: ‘obedience to authority figures’—this is the human Achilles heel—a major significant exploitable flaw. A form of social influence by which a person yields to explicit instructions or orders from authority figures.

Elections are about spin—slogans and little else. But more importantly elections are about ‘omissions.’ Foreign affairs being the foremost topic. Consider the shady connections between top government officials and press tycoons with the power to ensure a bias in news coverage and election campaigns, flooding the mainstream media with articles from unquestioned government sources, and gagging writers from criticizing those in power.

US henchmen control politicians with menacing threats if they don’t do as ordered—this is an undeniable fact. They are war criminals multiple times over who wage state terror against targeted countries, groups and individuals at home and abroad. These people are responsible for millions of AfPak, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian deaths, and many victims in other countries. When in fact, the only threats are the ones they fabricate. Including false flags blamed on victims. Fear-mongering is the coin of the realm. Getting most people to believe government’s disingenuous lies that are duplicitously regurgitate time and again.

Democracy is a successful con. It works because of the illusion of consent. People believe they are ‘represented.’ And so, they accept impositions that would otherwise be intolerable. It is an illusion, a rhetorical sleight-of-hand that deftly hides the reality that it is not the ‘people’ who decide anything but rather a handful of immensely wealthy and powerful individuals who wield vast – almost unlimited – power by claiming to act on our behalf. Which is a fine-sounding literary device but as a political actuality it is an atrocity.

Have you ever consented to anything the government does to you? Been offered the free choice to accept – or decline? And not be subject to violent repercussions in the event you do decide to decline? What sort of contract is it that you’re never actually been presented with but which you’re presumed to have signed—and which you are bound by whether you’ve signed—or not? The claim is that by voting, you’ve done exactly that. Your right to vote for the candidates of other people’s choosing is the mechanism by which your sovereign rights as an individual are vitiated. ‘Representation’ makes you believe it’s in order. Makes you accept the unacceptable.

The ballot box is a scam designed to make every one believe they have a voice in politics. In Australia voting is compulsory. However, I can’t conceive of anything transformative by everyone voting. Because power and wealth continues to dictate. Politicians serve those who fund them into power—and that excludes us. Voters have no influence and are dirt on their shoes.


So the multitudinous candidates will continue to criticize and insult each other as they pander to the worst instincts of narrow-minded of voters. The Australian Labor Party pretends to offer an alternative to the Liberal National Coalition while camouflaging their similarities. No matter how many times before they were conned. Amnesia plagues Australians when presented with the ballot box. Wake up!

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