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Flying and terrorism


My dear friend John is 75 years of age. He recently flew to Bangkok, Thailand from Melbourne, Australia to attend his son’s wedding. John is a successful industrialist and rice and sheep farmer. Yet he was terrified by the airline embarking and disembarking experience: immigration, passports, visas, customs, security, baggage, transfers, waiting lounges, long stretching queues—and will never fly again. He felt lost—out of control—and, had to consult fellow travellers for advise. 

Flying, at least to me, has become the most unpleasant act I can ever undertake while paying for the non-service. The controllers, since the events of 11 September 2001, use the media to hold the masses in a state of total fear by broadcasting fabricated menacing terrorist threats—all lies, of course. They claim their security procedures are necessary to protect us from terrorists. From whom?

The intention of the airline industry and their regulators is to make people miserable, helpless, and begging for any speck of kindness from the Masters in control under the disgraceful pretext of waging an endless war on terror.

Here are Time’s 20 Reasons to Hate the Airlines. A brief history of the industry’s 30-year campaign to nickel-and-dime us nearly to death.

1.    The Hub System
2.    Non refundable Fares
3.    The Demise of People Express
4.    The Disappearance of Legroom
5.    Frequent-Flyer Gimmickry
6.    Lunch Is Not Served
7.    Speak to an Agent? Don’t Press 1
8.    Pay TV
9.    Pay for Pets
10.    The Security-Line Confiscation
11.    Checked-Bag Fees
12.    Who Took My Blanket?
13.    VIP for a Day
14.    All Seats Are Not Created Equal
15.    Stingy Over Soft Drinks
16.    Bye-Bye, Standby
17.    Carry-On Luggage
18.    Surcharges on Peak Travel Days
19.    The Cut-in-Line Charge
20.    Pay Toilets

I don’t have a date for when this list was published. But whenever, the situation is much grimmer than these 20 reasons suggest.

The controllers use the media to lock the masses in a state of fear by broadcasting never ending fabricated menacing threats—all lies, of course. The controllers push the masses in any direction they choose to create unquestionable conformity of thought and behaviour. “I mean after all, these security measures are necessary to protect us from terrorists. Are they not?” No they are not. Wake up!

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