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Blindly following orders is madness


People in positions of power must accept that they, in their various roles, may have overtly or covertly, supported cruelty, dishonesty, elitism, violence and hatred by their blind obedience to authority figures.

Adolf Eichmann, during the course of his trial held in Israel, stated that he bore no responsibility for the genocide of the Jewish people and others, before and during World War II, because he was simply doing his job—it was his duty. He stated that he had not only obeyed orders, he had also obeyed the law. And, who drafted those laws? It was the 0.01 per cent who made the laws and regulations, and continue to do so.

Typically, people in positions of power, deny responsibly for their behaviour because they too were simply doing as ordered. They don’t all have blood on their hands (although many do), yet collectively, they are all responsible for today’s chaos, mayhem, loss of life—misery. Blindly following orders is a form of madness and inexcusable—it always was and it always will be. Wake up!


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