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They do not think for themselves


“… And are the public relations firms succeeding?” The Prince of Darkness asked.

“Splendidly, Sir! We are moving into a 96% influence range. The population at large imagines that the programming they watch on their televisions is independent reporting, when in fact most of what they see is totally produced by our public relations firms to teach them how to think. Of course they cannot think for themselves. There have been a few pathetic attempts by the maverick fringe to educate the viewer that they are being manipulated; but as usual, the masses are so passively hypnotized that they ignore any warnings.”

“Excellent,” said the evil prince. ~V. Susan Ferguson (1997) The Prince of Darkness Meets His World Elite

The emphasis on Gallipoli and the ANZAC legend is part of Australia’s developing political culture. It is not part of history although presented as such to the masses. These commemorations only tell us a little about the present rather than the past. Let’s not forget that commemorations are inherently political. The ANZAC legend serves to reinforce values that court the ANZAC legend. Values deemed important to Australian governments with their need for military volunteers, in particular as a glove puppet of the US with its never ending wars and horrific record of war crimes, the worst in entire human history. The commemoration calendar deflects any or all debate about the legitimacy of war or the reasons for deploying our troops off-shore.

There is a surge in Australia’s spending on weaponry and military forces:

The 2016 Defence White Paper maps a course towards a total of $195 billion in defence capability or equipment by 2020-21, together with a larger military force of 62,400 personnel, the largest in a quarter of a century. Source

Thus ANZAC is about honouring volunteer soldiers and promoting pro-war opinions within the Australian population.

Clever propaganda, endlessly repeated day after day on the mainstream TV news broadcasts and other media, exploits the people’s readiness and willingness to obey authority figures. They have the masses in their grip. Further, the machinery of the State is readily available to crush any movement that questions the authority of those who own the economic power. They use the media to hold the masses in a state of fear by broadcasting fabricated menacing threats—all lies, of course. Mainstream media news is configured to propagate the government’s agenda, and it works! Mature well-educated people accept what they see and hear as unquestionable truth.

Let’s acknowledge the scale of the illegal invasion of the Ottoman Turkish Empire on the Gallipoli peninsula in 1915 that resulted in pointless chaos, murder and injury.

Gallipoli Campaign deaths: 43,000 British, 15,000 French, 8,700 Australians, 2,700 New Zealanders and 1,370 Indians. Total Turkish deaths were around 60,000. New Zealanders suffered the highest percentage of Allied deaths when compared with population size, but the percentage of Turkish deaths was almost twice theirs.

In Woodend’s town centre stands the War Memorial Clock Tower erected in memory of the men who served and died in World War I and the Boer War. In addition, on the edge of town, at the start of the Avenue of Honour, stands a newly erected black granite ‘wall’ inscribed with the names of 180 Woodend and Newham residents who enlisted in World War I.

Whereas, I would like to see a huge black granite monolith (as in 2001: A Space Odyssey) inscribed with the names of the psychopaths who directly or indirectly are responsible for the chaos, murder and injury of Australia’s children deployed in foreign lands—past and present.

It is Malcolm Frazer who continues to warn Australians of despicable alliances, programmes, and unnecessary reactions to the made up threats of terrorism by passing ever more odious laws.

Australia always relied on ‘great and powerful friends’ for its sense of national security and direction on its foreign policy—first on the British Empire and now on the United States. Australia has actively pursued a policy of strategic dependence, believing that making a grand bargain with a powerful ally is the best policy to ensure its security and prosperity.

Australia should adopt a greater degree of independence in foreign policy, unafraid to express its views to the world, and not follow other nations into wars of no direct interest to Australia’s security. Thus a sensible responsible leader with balls would bring to an end the current strategic dependence on the United States and establish instead a truly independent Australia. I will give the final word to General Smedley Butler,

I believe in adequate defence at the coastline and nothing else. If a nation comes over here to fight, then we’ll fight. The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.


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