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The Way of St James redefines ourselves


When on pilgrimage I experience the emotion of sublime freedom that comes from shedding my responsibilities and turning away from mundane worldly things, by putting on a rucksack, and heading out on the Way of St James. I feel that by shedding all of the restraints and expectations of society I’ve found the key to happiness.

The Way of St James redefines ourselves by pushing our limits, challenging our beliefs, and learning about ourselves. Pilgrims, during their time on the Way, are largely free of the mainstream media’s propaganda intruding into their lives. They have broken through the mainstream nexus, and free to think and behave independently. They are not imprisoned by the propaganda and opinions of commentators. Thus, people can truly be who or want they want to be, even if only temporarily. That is bliss!

    To be free in one’s thought, to honour Earth,
    To feel the utter serendipity
    Of heartbeats and tornadoes, babies
    Whispering in dreams and dandelions
    ~Gary Corseri (21 July 2015) When the Poets Went on Strike, counterpunch

Continue so! Do not let the mainstream media intrude into your life ever again. Wake up!

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