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Start reading books and plunk around on the internet a bit, like I do


Nazi propaganda, during Hitler’s Third Reich, appears mild compared to the constant stream of vile lies pumped out by the mainstream media. The primary mechanism of control over a society is to induce uncertainty and fear. Government-influenced and controlled TV and radio stations sell fear, hour after hour, day after day. Everything is described as a threat. The mainstream media are selling perpetual uncertainty, violence, and fear. Fear disempowers people, it scrambles their brains, it causes individuals to panic and lose their power of reasoning. All mainstream news is tainted, it’s designed for the masses to give away their power, stability and mental health.

You hear that the trouble in Syria is due to the Russian military and Bashar Hafez al-Assad. Of course, the US military and its allies have no blame whatsoever. The US and its allies are trying to fight ISIS (which the US created, aids and abets, of course), whereas the Russian military and Assad are fighting the innocent “democratic rebels” who are trying to bring democracy to Syria as a replacement for a “brutal dictator” (who was elected by a large majority vote). The Russian military is bombing schools and hospitals, “collateral damage” when the US military does it but war crimes when the Russian military is accused of doing it. The accusers had no evidence for their accusations against the Russian military beyond the unverified claims of the US government. Despite non-existent Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction,” non-existent Iranian nukes, and non-existent use of chemical weapons by Assad “against his own people,” the talking heads continue to accept without question whatever the controllers tell them to say.

China is allegedly militarising the South China Sea by building up atolls to accommodate runways and placing weapons on these sites. It is not militarization when the US allocates 60 per cent of its fleet to the Pacific, declares the South China Sea, which is thousands of kilometres from the US, to be an area of “American national interest,” and sends warships to patrol the sea. That’s “countering the Chinese threat.”

It is claimed that the clamour by the British people to exit from the European Union has nothing what so ever to do with preserving UK national sovereignty and the legal protections of British civil liberty. It is all about rejecting refugees, a sign of racism. Such is the nature of this nonsensical claim.

I hold a fervour about never trusting the authorities or the mainstream media. I dismiss their world as agenda-oriented, one that is bent and manipulated to spout the party line for political and financial reasons. I don’t bother with TV news, newspapers or magazines. They are mind-control mechanisms that manufacture consent for the status quo.

Democracy and freedom and the hopes and dreams of ordinary people have been sold down the river. It’s all part of a pretext that they are defending us from something. In fact, we need to be protected from them. Our leaders are ghouls, they pretend to care for us; whereas power and money are their game. They have sold out to genetic engineering, war machines, black projects, oil interests, fiscal control, big bankers, and rabid, manic control. All for personal gain and a moment of power, and because they are too weak to stand up to the nefarious tide, and to say, “no” on behalf of the nations entrusted in their care. The UK and Australia are run by hand-puppets kowtowing to whatever the US controllers demand of them. Wake up and start reading books and plunk around on the internet a bit, like I do.

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