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If you watch or listen or read mainstream media your thoughts, your ideas are never your own. They are, in fact, the ideas and narratives of clever people, designed to encourage you to think they are your own when they are not and never were. They are clichés—nothing more nothing less. You are distracted and estranged from your true power as a free, conscious being with unlimited potential for creativity, innovation and discovery. The status quo institutions of this world (governments, mainstream media, corporate giants, and so forth) don’t want you to recognise your inner self (and your power to change the world for the better). Our masters do not want us to know that we have the collective power to resist and overturn their fragile system based on exploitation of the many by the few.

What mainstream people think and speak on a day-to-day basis are those ideas and memes inserted into their consciousness by the mainstream media: clichés. Disconnect from the mainstream media and observe how rapidly your awareness expands. Your thoughts will originate from within (rather than being manipulated by skillful smart-arse controllers).

Don’t watch television, read newspapers or magazines, or listen to mainstream radio and you will be a lot happier. The role of the print and electronic media (in particular TV) is critical to the success of brainwashing and controlling the masses. You can stop this by waking up and turning off your TV and, instead, reading a book. It’s that simple!

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