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Statism is the world’s most dangerous religion second to none


A compilation of Larken Rose radio interviews and edited by Harvey Lester.

There are humans who believe their life to be more precious than that of others, and at that point other lives are put in jeopardy, violated and possibly eventually terminated. If each one of us viewed all life as precious and worthy of their own personal protection, no person would lift a hand or devise a scheme to harm the life of another.

When an individual or group thinks of somebody else’s life as inferior, great mischief befalls the victims  and creates a civilization that welcomes, justifies and applauds forceful, violent and coercive measures, so long as the collective masses who consent to such aggressive actions are ensured that their own lives are made safe by the aggressors bringing harm to others. The legitimacy of the aggressors is strengthened by official looking, costume-wearing agents dependent on the hierarchical organization called government.

The statist, although he may not do anything himself, has no problem with the entity called government hurting people and robbing them. If you or, I hurt somebody and robbed them, we’d be jailed or worse. When bankers do it they’re bailed. Governments keep the masses controlled and enslaved by ensuring to give them security and prosperity.

To understand the corruption and see through the brutal nature of governments, we examine and define the terminology that continues to hoodwink the masses.

Elections: That occasion when citizens participate in the illusory ritual of choosing which lying manipulating political hand puppet will deceive them, rob them, waste their money on things they don’t want or need, and intimidate, cage and murder countless people, in the name of “protecting their freedom.” Elections are tools employed by the elite to deceive the masses into believing that they can democratically exercise control to effect a more comfortable outcome for their lives.

Governments: A collective cabal of nefarious people who formulate laws to create monopolies and forcefully extract the labouring energies of their victims for the purpose of removing liberties, waging wars and expanding their own power. With the recorded deaths of over 260 million humans in the 20th century, it’s no stretch to be able to say that governments are the most deadly institutions ever devised. These psychopaths have never cared for anyone. Power and wealth are their game. Governments have a history of plundering, oppressing and murdering their subjects on a scale unmatched by even the most deadly and prolonged wars.

Politicians: These charismatic, psychopathic parasites are driven by greed, controlled by bankers, funded by special interest groups and are willing to abandon principle for profit even as they proclaim themselves to be champions of individual liberties. Politicians are politically and financially incentivised to work against individual rights and the lives of their citizens.

Political leaders: These people are banker-owned political hand puppets who do the bidding of their well connected, elitist masters.

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