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  • If you control the oil, you control entire nations. ~Henry Kissinger
  • Whoever you vote for, the secret government always wins.
  • … If the “prize” is small government?  So asked the neocon “godfather” Irving Kristol in explaining neoconology some forty years ago.  As with the other neocon “godfather,” William F. Buckley, Jr., Kristol advocated BIG government (as long as it is run by neocons or neocon puppets); endless wars for “democracy”; Gestapo-style spying on the America population; censorship of opposing viewpoints; a gigantic police state; massive legalized counterfeiting by the Fed; and a monstrous military/industrial complex.  For starters.
  • The mainstream media are biased and under the empire’s spell. People are brainwashed. The empire’s power is fearsome and awe-inspiring, once you recognize it.
  • Fox News invited bullshitting fraudster Wayne Simmons to appear on its “news” programmes over 100 times posing as a CIA operative. Based on his hawkish proclamations, the Pentagon hired Simmons as a shill analyst to propagandize for them. Now that Simmons has been exposed, arrested, and charged with multiple counts of fraud, he will never appear on Fox News again, but the lies he told on the network will forever be regarded as gospel truth by fear-addicted Fox TV viewers. ~Mark Frauenfelder (29 January 2016) The rise and fall of a Fox News fraud, Boing Boing
  • Australia, like every country on Earth, is still controlled by NWO agents, whether they be from the CIA, MI6 (Military Intelligence 6, the British CIA) or elsewhere. Shortly before Whitlam’s ascent to power, another Australian PM (Harold Holt) mysteriously “disappeared”, allegedly by “drowning”. As FDR once said, nothing in politics happens by chance. It may have been that Holt, on a course to turn Australia into a world energy superpower with nuclear energy, threatened the Rockefeller oil cartel, but to date it remains an unsolved mystery. If you’re interested in exploring it, check out the claims of Gary Simmons, a former Australian Navy clearance diver with a high security rating, who filed an affidavit to the Brisbane Supreme Court that he was involved in the murder of Holt. ~Makia Freeman (1 February 2016) Time for Island Nation to Shed Royals, Zen Gardner
  • Moreover, particularly with respects to public forums such as newspaper letters to the editor, and Internet chat and news groups, the disinfo type has a very important role. In these forums, the principle topics of discussion are generally attempts by individuals to cause other persons to become interested in their own particular position, idea, or solution — very much in development at the time. People often use such mediums as a sounding board and in hopes of pollination to better form their ideas. Where such ideas are critical of government or powerful, vested groups (especially if their criminality is the topic), the disinfo artist has yet another role — the role of nipping it in the bud. They also seek to stage the concept, the presenter, and any supporters as less than credible should any possible future confrontation in more public forums result due to their early successes. You can often spot the disinfo types at work here by the unique application of “higher standards” of discussion than necessarily warranted. They will demand that those presenting arguments or concepts back everything up with the same level of expertise as a professor, researcher, or investigative writer. Anything less renders any discussion meaningless and unworthy in their opinion, and anyone who disagrees is obviously stupid — and they generally put it in exactly those terms.
  • At a time when Americans should have been in the streets saying hell no, we better not go, the Bush administration and then the Obama administration were repeating the same militarized mistakes endlessly, while turning the Greater Middle East into a charnel house of failure. Today, as Pentagon officials prepare for their next set of forays, interventions, drone assassination campaigns, and special ops raids in, among other places, Libya — and what could possibly go wrong there? — next to no one is pressuring or opposing them, next to nothing is in their way. As a result, Ira Chernus’s new piece, “America’s New Vietnam in the Middle East,” on what’s missing from the missing antiwar movement in America couldn’t be more timely.
  • Political candidates (presidents, prime ministers, and such like) are all paid hand puppets for powerful corporations and controllers.
  • The root cause of the current forced mass movement of people and the loss of life that it has entailed, can be traced back to the fraudulent Middle East wars that destabilised the region; orchestrated by an incompetent US president, G W Bush and his British cohort, Tony Blair. Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have, to date, borne the brunt of this human tide of refugees but the whole of Europe is now having to deal with the severe financial and political impact upon social housing, medical and educational services – and, of course, jobs. The individual responsible for this biblical-scale migration is the now 70 year old former baseball team owner, ex-president G W Bush who took America to two disastrously failed wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. His presidency has been ranked amongst the worst in US history. This is a man who had difficulty speaking English: who had no known personal assets but was elected to high office by an accident of history and thereby changed the world irrevocably for the worse. Millions have died as a consequence of the actions of this one single American cowboy who still personifies the banality of US politics at its worst. Meanwhile, nearly a third of the world is embroiled in increasing conflict as we reap still the whirlwind of the actions of this caricature of a US Republican statesman. The fear, today, is that the world might yet have to endure another one. ~Anthony Bellchambers (4 February 2016) Global Research

I don’t watch mainstream television news broadcasts, read newspapers or magazines. I’m completely happy with my life. Are you? Wake up!

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