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Walking the not so new wonder drug


It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that the possibility of death has been holding pretty steady at lOO% for quite some  time. There’s only one thing that we have to do in life, and that is to die. I have often met people who use this fact to justify their ambivalence toward health information. But I take a different view. I have never pursued health hoping for immortality. Good health is about being able to fully enjoy the time we do have. It is about being as functional as possible throughout our entire lives and avoiding crippling, painful and lengthy battles with disease. There are many better ways to die, and to live. ~T. Colin Campell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD (2006) The China Study, p. 75

It is said that everyone knows walking is good for you. I do! I most certainly do. I’m obsessive and walk at least 2½ to 3 hours each and every morning. Health data, it is claimed, shows that as little as 30 minutes of walking a day cuts the incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease, lowers the likelihood of diabetes, limits colon cancer and reduces risk of dementia, heart disease, depression, osteoporosis, glaucoma and catching a cold. I don’t about the heart disease claim. Despite walking thousands and thousands of miles, I was diagnosed, in August 2015, with moderate aortic valve stenosis.

Yet, I’m convinced that anyone who is at risk of chronic disease should consider walking to lower their risk of illness and extend their life, and aren’t we all. Yet there are people who don’t consider walking real exercise. For that you need to sign-up with a gymnasium. People don’t have to go to the gymnasium to be healthy. They can just go out and take a walk. Walking is free, easy, relaxing, available right out your front door and easily incorporated into daily schedules. Plus it’s enjoyable. If walking were a new drug, it would make headlines.

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