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Wake up before it’s too late!


I hadn’t experienced anger in a long time until reading these quotes. Rahila Haidary is amazing! Click on source to see her surrounded by a mob of angry, ignorant, racist thugs at the “reclaim Australia” rally.

Ms Haidary was quickly met by several members of the United Patriots Front who asked if she would discuss her religion with them.

“They said do you agree with freedom? And I said, ‘yes I do’,” Ms Haidary told 7.30.

“The next interesting question that they asked was ‘would you call yourself a Muslim first or an Australian first?

“I said ‘I would call myself an Australian first’ and they were surprised, they said ‘why? Aren’t you a proud Muslim?’ I said, ‘I am a proud Muslim.

“The reason I would call myself Australian first is because [the] Australian constitution gives me the freedom to practise my religion and that’s why I respect this country, that’s why I’m here today.”

Who do these United Patriots Front fuckers think they are? This is a success story for the sharp looking liars in their pin-stripe suits who transmit the state sponsored news. Few, very few, people question the processes whereby political leaders govern, dominate and control them. Combine the power of propaganda with humans’ innate obedience to authority, security needs (the key), and their lack of awareness, and you have the magic formula to create a reality and thereby control the masses. They stoke the fires of patriotism, pride, racism, inferiority and such like that stoke the fires of endless wars. It’s that easy! These people have the world by the balls. Wake up to these bastards to be free.

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