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Where our ideas come from is a mystery


Haruki Murakami was asked “Where do your ideas come from?” He said that he didn’t know. When he sits to write the ideas start to flow. I know that we do not have control over our thoughts, ideas, emotions. Shoma Morita (1874-1938) held that we can no more control our thoughts than we can control the weather, as both are phenomena of most amazingly complex natural systems. And if we have no hope of controlling our emotions, we can hardly be held responsible any more than we can be held responsible for feeling hot or cold. We do, however, have complete dominion over our behaviour, and for Morita, that is a sacred responsibility.

The simple answer to the question “Where do our ideas come from?” is, we don’t know. Thus we are faced with a mystery. I like mysteries.

Two quotes by Haruki Murakami,

  • O lord in Heaven, may Thy name be praised in utmost purity for ever and ever, and may Thy Kingdom come to us. Please forgive our many sins, and bestow Thy blessings upon our humble pathways. Amen. ‘1Q84’
  • Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’

That an excellent start to the new year.

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