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More of the same: policies that ensure perpetual war


We need to understand that our world does not work according to what we have been told. We are drowning in misinformation, half-truths and lies propagated by the mainstream news media. But more importantly (and effectively) is propaganda by omission. When the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie. ~John Pilger

I’m captivated and enthralled by the fiction narrative: fantasy, psychological thriller. But above all else ‘fantasy.’ I’m totally enthralled by writers whom provide that fantasy fix: Lev Grossman, Susanna Clarke, Donna Tartt, Marisha Pessl, Haruki Murakami, Carol Rifka Brunt, Helene Wecker, Neil Gaiman and others. I often stop reading to ask where do your ideas come from. Of course there is no answer. Actually there is no answer to be found for anything. I don’t get it! Do you?

It occurred to me that these brilliant writers with their vivid imaginations are, in fact, the peace-makers of our world. In direct contrast to the unimaginative, dull conservative swine (men and women) responsible for the death, mutilation, misery, mayhem, destruction of our world. Their imagination is limited to ‘more of the same’ but: ever more extreme, ever more destructive, ever more stupid, ever more audacious, ever more selfish. But, ultimately just more of the same as it had being thru out the ages.

These unimaginative swine are entrenched in the three city states that collectively rule our world: the City of London (finance), the Washington District of Columbia (military), and the Vatican in Rome (religion). The city states are independent sovereign states operating beyond the jurisdiction of the hosting countries, having their own flags, laws, courts and police. Together they constitute one, interlocking empire ‘the empire of the city’ with its own three star flag. They operate in lockstep.

The empire of the city aims for a world government controlled by fear and hypnotised by finely honed propaganda so people are too confused to figure out truth from lies. The demented and destructive policies are dedicated to economic interests and ideological perversions that ensure perpetual war; they ensure endless waste on armaments and the inestimable death and human suffering that stems from 21st century high tech warfare and the terrorist blowback it inherently generates among those upon which the  empire of the city inflicts its violent hegemony.

These fine fantasy writers, who I adore, couldn’t make up this shit no matter how hard they tried. Wake up and see for yourself that these selfish self-centred bastards are destroying our planet. Do you remember when the enemy was communism? Now, of course, it’s Islam and every innocent Muslim who just wants to live a normal life. Insanity doesn’t reside in asylums, it’s on the evening mainstream news broadcasts. And then people take drugs to help them feel better – another massive industry – both legal and illicit drugs fund arms trafficking, and so the story goes.

How many people know that mainstream TV news readers are hand puppets who read fabricated scripts? When viewers sits back to watch a mainstream news broadcast, the person they see on the screen is a fake—a performer an actor reading scripts on a TelePrompTer written by someone else. The real “voice” behind the news is someone who is never seen on-screen—the man behind the curtain—someone who writes the approved narrative script that is performed each evening by the person you do see on the screen.

News readers are groomed and presented as a conduit of credibility to inspire trust in what is broadcast as ‘news.’ Trust is the precious key to successful propaganda imposed on the masses by the controllers. In other words news readers are there to convince the viewer of the legitimacy of the stories they present. That requires a credible sounding voice, the right look, the right manner, the right facade and style to achieve that imperative.

If you’re still watching mainstream news broadcasts, it’s time you started questioning the fabricated reality you see on the screen. And, people continue to refuse to wake up to what’s going on. You couldn’t make it up even if you tried. Wake up before its too late!

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