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Alternative to Sydney’s domestic airport’s over-priced food


I’m awake and a free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism in all it’s awful manifestations.

If you are ever at Sydney’s domestic airport and want a cheap alternative to the over-priced mainstream airport food sold there. This is the solution.

I explored a corner of the airport and arrived at an enormous taxi parking lot. And it was there that I discovered an Indian cafe (it didn’t appear to have a name): rustic, busy, friendly and with great food costing ½ that sold in terminal 2. The cafe’s customers, of course, were almost all taxi drivers. The cafe is inconspicuous in its location (by design?), setting and appearance thus not a rival to the world of expensive mainstream airport food and drink. This is a gem. Few if any airline travellers would know of this cafe or even consider this fabulous alternative. Unfortunately, international airline travellers are out of reach of the cafe. That’s too bad!

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