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  • There’s only one thing in your life that you’ve never yet done but are guaranteed to do. It is our single greatest unsolved mystery and therefore causes a lot of anxiety and a lot of speculation. Some of us think about it often, perhaps more often than we realize.
  • To get comfortable with being uncomfortable, you need to step out of your comfort zone regularly. The more comfortable you get with trying new things, the less you’re going to avoid it and the more you’re going to say yes to new challenges.
  • If ‘meaningful coincidences’ occur with no ‘causal relationship,’ but seem meaningfully related, this is synchronicity. In other words, if unrelated incidents happen to you and you find yourself seeing things in a different way and feel more connected to who you are because of these experiences, then you have just experienced synchrony. Carl Jung concluded that synchrony is a governing dynamic which underlies the whole of human experience and it is quantum mechanics that verifies this statement.
  • And that fear I’d felt, the disembodying confusion, seemed to be a drug I was now addicted to, because moving through the ordinary world—watching CNN, reading the Times, walking to Sant Ambroeus to have a coffee at the bar—made me feel exhausted, even depressed. Perhaps I was suffering from the same problem as the man who’d sailed around the world and now on land, facing his farmhouse, his wife and kids, understood that the constancy of home stretching out before him like a dry flat field was infinitely more terrifying than any violent squall with thirty-foot swells. ~Marisha Pessl (2013) Night Film p. 508
  • There are good scientists and there are mad scientists. The good ones have invented the safety pin, central heating, and Italian coffee machines. The mad ones have invented smog, Roundup, and the military-industrial complex. The good ones tread with great care where God’s magnificent creation is concerned; the mad ones would cut down the Tree of Life to find out how many rings it has. The mad ones are also those who, at the cost of billions of taxpayers’ dollars, have invented a gigantic machine of unbelievable complexity and superhuman sophistication that produces nothing at all—not even a fart. It is named the Large Hadron Collider.
  • No, no. It’s the most unhappy people who want to stay alive, because they think they haven’t done everything they want to do. They think they haven’t had enough time. They feel like they’ve been short-changed. ~Carol Sifka Brunt (2012) Tell the wolves I’m home, p. 203
  • Consciousness like mind is not made out of atoms; it’s non-material. It’s not subject to the laws of physics or the laws of the natural world. It endures. It doesn’t pass away.
  • In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy hits a fork in the Yellow Brick Road? As she stands there stumped, a friendly character who will accompany her to the Emerald Palace pipes up. “Pardon me, that way is a very nice way,” the Scarecrow advises as he points in one direction. “It’s pleasant down that way too,” he adds, now pointing in the other. Then the Scarecrow crosses his straw-stuffed arms and unhelpfully declares, “Of course people do go both ways.”
  • Middle swallowed hard and looked off to the side. ‘It’s a little like Pascal’s Wager. I think. Blaise Pascal suggested that, when it comes to the existence of God, the only rational way to behave is to believe in his existence. He said we are all playing a game, a coin is being thrown and will land heads or tails, existence or non-existence of God, and we have no choice but to play. we must place a wager because we’re engaged in the game whether we like it or not. And the rational choice has to be belief. Because if you win, you win everything. Heaven, eternal life, infinite happiness. And, if you lose, you lose nothing, you are the same quality of dead as the atheist.’ Middle began to look tired, as if this speech were an essay he had been writing all night. ‘And the thing is, you could frame the argument just the same for belief in Hell of course.’ Middle put his hands in his pockets and hugged his elbows to his side. ‘If one of them comes to you,’ he said, ‘if one of them tells you certain things, you might decide the only rational behaviour is to belief them. Because to act any other way is too great a risk.’ And then he became almost enthusiastic. ‘But here’s a take on Pascal’s Wager.’ Yes, it’s a wager. But the thing with wagers is that the true gambler, the purest player of the game, isn’t playing to win. The true gambler plays for the thrill, the sheer ecstasy of taking part. And the purest thrill comes not from the idea of winning but from the fear of defeat, from there being something real and valuable on the like. If there’s nothing to lose, then where’s the thrill? The true gambler does the opposite.’ Middle was gesturing with his fingers, letting them flutter here and there. ‘Yes, the purest lover of the game bets the other way, he goes entirely against the grain. Doesn’t he, Chad?’ Christopher J. Yates (2013) Black Chalk pp. 193-194
  • Vegetarianism versus carnivore-ism is another playing field for the battle of ‘me versus you’ and many ‘spiritual’ people will defend their right to eat the dead flesh of animals and think they are still spiritual…What they don’t realise is that the flesh of murdered animals contain fear fields, a slow and poisonous vibration that is an anchor weight and death knell for ascending consciousness. There can be no ascension into higher moving fields of energy for a ghoul. ~Elva Thompson (23 November 2015) The Ultimate Distraction

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