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My draft letter to Australian Cancer Charitable Organisations


I recently attended the funeral service for a dear sweet friend. He was diagnosed with cancer and his treatment followed the set formula of cut, poison, bury. In the church, strategically placed, were the ubiquitous cancer charitable envelopes shouting for donations from the mourners.

A fear of cancer prompts well meaning people to part with their cash in hope of a cure. Cancer research money is the proverbial “pot of gold” for research facilities, charities, pharmaceutical companies, and lobbyists. Treating the sick and dying is big business. Unfortunately, their money is wasted if not squandered. And, no one ever asks the fundamental question, “What are these fund raisers and scientists striving for other than a cosy career?”

The money pours in for “Cancer Research” from kind-hearted, well-meaning people in spite of the fact that the much-advertised “cures” and “discoveries” turn out, year after year, to be no cure at all but rather an aggravation of the trouble, the proof of this being the steady increase of the disease on all sides.

Let’s be clear, the BigPharma industrial complex does not aim for cures. Cures do not fit with it’s business model, nor does prevention. They are in business to sell products. Lots and lots of expensive [ineffective] products.

Millions of cancer victims are dead from chemotherapy, radiation, surgery. The medical pharmaceutical industrial complex has not produced a single success story. And they claim that if they had a few billion more dollars, then they would be able to find the cure. Not only has the cancer industry never cured anyone, the cause of death from cancer per 100,000 persons increased from 64.0 in 1910 to 185.9 in 2010 a massive three fold increase.

There are smart, informed, awake people who don’t buy the cancer industry’s ridiculous propaganda and disease fear mongering. However, it’s the masses, that fall for the cancer industry’s quackery that has become routine so that few question it.

Yours sincerely

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