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Turn away from mainstream news broadcasts


The mainstream media continues to act as a vehicle for propaganda, lies and deception, and the majority continue to blindly accept whatever it says as truth, paying scant attention to the contradictory evidence, and when challenged with the truth will defend the mainstream media’s official version—defend the indefensible. Actually, I’m acutely and painfully aware that the mainstream media’s function is that of preventing dramatic cultural changes. Thus maintain and enforce the status quo.

I note that few alternative writers actually recommend turning away from mainstream news broadcasts, and even fewer recommend dumping your TV altogether. Instead they give a feeble form of ‘be-aware’ advise to mainstream news addicts.

Journalist Dr Udo Ulfkatte tells the viewer that the CIA controls and fabricates the mainstream news to give shape to its version of reality. The ultimate goal remains a new world order. Be aware of the deceptive government mouthpiece we call the mainstream media.

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