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Walk the Camino to become free


Pilgrims, during their time on the Way to Santiago de Compostela, are largely free of the mainstream media’s propaganda intruding into their lives. They have broken through the mainstream nexus, and are free to think and behave independently. They are not imprisoned by the propaganda, and opinions of commentators. Thus, people can truly be who or want they want to be, even if only temporarily.

To be free in one’s thought, to honour Earth,
To feel the utter serendipity
Of heartbeats and tornadoes, babies
Whispering in dreams and dandelions ~Gary Corseri, When the Poets Went on Strike


“Excellent! And are the public relations firms succeeding?” The Prince of Darkness asked.

“Splendidly, Sir! We are moving into a 96% influence range. The population at large imagines that the programming they watch on their televisions is independent reporting, when in fact most of what they see is totally produced by our public relations firms to teach them how to think. Of course they cannot think for themselves. There have been a few pathetic attempts by the maverick fringe to educate the viewer that they are being manipulated; but as usual, the masses are so passively hypnotized that they ignore any warnings.”

“Excellent,” said the evil prince. ~V. Susan Ferguson

Continue so! Do not let the mainstream media intrude into your life ever again! On returning home, begin by disconnecting your television and throwing it away. This is the most powerful way to change your life. Question your reality in today’s world as this is a sure sign of your sanity. In an ever delusional world where lying newsmen tell fake fabricated news, where mendacious politicians spin every event, where mass murder is conducted under the guise of a fake war on terror and drugs, where mass-produced food poisons and where pharmaceutical medicines kill people, it is a sign of great strength of character to challenge the supposed authority figures surrounding us ever more tightly. It is a sign of something pure and special if you can preserve your open mind and curiosity in the midst of so much vile propaganda. It is a sign of courage to ask the tough questions that mainstream embedded journalists (stenographers) fear to touch. You are awake!

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