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Australia’s corrupt gambling industrial complex


This is Australia today. A gutless, cowardly population of mature well-educated well-fed people that stand back rather than get involved to protect people from the corrupt gambling industrial complex that operates poker machines (and other forms of gambling) designed to keep people playing and fuelling their gambling addiction and thereby extracting their money. Politicians are implicated by their industry lobbyist complex relationships. The corporate industrial complex lures families into gambling dens where ‘kids eat free,’ and where ever more addictive machines are installed.

To the Honourable Senators and Members of the House of Representatives:
Australians deserve con-free poker machines, that aren’t designed to addict or rigged to lose over time. Get the pokies con out of our communities and our politics.

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Actually, I don’t think GetUp’s campaign goes far enough. I would go on-board with their campaign if they proposed to ban poker machines outright and recycle each and every machine. Wake up to this corrupt gambling industrial complex that causes more misery than any other aspect of Australian society I can think of!

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