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The meme of happiness


The Matrix, the central image, is a lie. But not just any lie. It is very deep, shared, hypnotic picture of reality. People need more power—more individual power, so they can both stand and operate outside the Matrix. The entire mural of imposed reality is aimed at radically diminishing the individual’s power. ~Jon Rappoport

Do our government and policymakers care about us? No, they don’t and never have. Further, they create laws and policies that hurt us in order to help themselves. Their purpose is not to benefit society and its citizens but to protect their wealth and influence, using all means at their disposal. Power and wealth is their game.

Governments have learned to keep their police and military well nourished and dependent on the existing hierarchy. Governments monitor us with advanced surveillance systems, simulate what you would do with artificial intelligence systems, and will kill you with advanced weapons systems. They thus control the entire population.

Our leaders made a discovery of the sort that changed the destiny of nations – that they can successfully lie to us. Big lies! They lie to us constantly—because lies work as well or even better than facts do. Repeating lies works. They manipulate the masses, by a barrage of propaganda disguised as news and advertising, This instils a believe that government supports them to get ahead in life? Whilst its true that some do manage to find a path that has monetary rewards the growing majority have succumbed to a role of George Orwell’s Boxer, the cart-horse.

Whilst George Orwell’s Pigs whisper words of encouragement into our ears the truth of their message is that we are nothing more than a Boxer, the cart-horse whom the Pigs recognize must be kept warm with a full belly but beyond that all equity from our labour and profits from our debts go to the controllers. Current policies are designed by the Pigs for the Pigs. Do you not recognise this?

We are given the illusion of free choice, but choices are constructed by the puppeteers and controllers from the halls of power. To control a wilfully uninformed public, the controllers rely on multiple propaganda techniques such as the subliminal subtext message: “You are doing just fine—but, if you’re not, as everyone else is doing just fine, the problem must be you.” This message stops people attempting to find the truth, what ever it may be. “I wouldn’t want to expose myself as not keeping up if it’s just me that’s failing.” But the truth can be found by anyone determined to step out of line. “That’s risky and strange territory. So, I had better not.” Edward de Bono notes:

If everyone is going in the same direction, then anyone who is going in a different direction is ‘wrong’. The other direction might be better – but it is still wrong.

It is easier to accept the meme of happiness propagated by the controllers. So, get out there and buy stuff and if it’s credit you need then it’s credit you shall have! As long as you buy stuff you should be happy. Consume and be happy!

Wake up and take a different direction!

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