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Google Maps’ timeline


Google Maps’ timeline records everywhere you’ve been on any particle day, and goes way beyond that. It draws on data from across your Google account, Google Now, Google Maps, Google Photos, and Google Search. It does this automatically and without your knowledge as you are carrying an android device.

My timeline record began on 15 August 2014, as best I can tell. So, since that date each and every journey on foot, on bicycle, on train, on bus, on plane, on ship is recorded in full detail (date, time, place and so forth) including all my photos.

To access Your Timeline on your Android device, open the Google Maps app and navigate to Menu > Your Timeline. It is possible to delete a day or your full location history. It is further possible to edit places that appear, including removing a specific location or giving a spot a private name. Further, Your Timeline may be paused or disabled.


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