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My views, insights, thoughts, observations of Australia

  1. I have no interest in this Australian political soap opera. I simply ask, “Who voted these people into office?” So, who are the fools? Of course, voters have no say in the candidate selection process. Does that fact not cause suspicion and discomfort.
  2. If enrolled to vote you must vote in all Federal, State and local council elections, statutory elections and polls. (People aged 70 or over are excused from voting in local council elections). The fine for not voting is $76.00. Prescribed costs are added to the fine if the infringement reaches the ‘penalty reminder notice’ stage.
  3. You are either for Liberal or Labor. No matter the quality of the candidate for the House of Representatives or Senate. Minor parties will always remain as minor parties. Tradition is what’s important as is a convenient memory lapse of broken promises, corruption, and lies when confronted by the ballot box. Foreign affairs is an of-subject and discussion is not permitted at any level of society: thus the US occupation of Australia that’s little known and if it is is denied. Australia is a land of conservative authoritarian people. It’s political arrangement a soap opera of farcical proportions that fills the evening mainstream news broadcast along with sport, celebrity and weather. There is not a single thing people see on the news that is not a lie or in some way relevant to them. Manufactured fear is the key to almost everything happening around the populace. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” ~ H.L. Mencken
  4. According to the 2014 Credit Suisse Global Wealth report, Australia has the world’s highest median net worth. That means that there is a significant section of the electorate who have no inclination to vote for politicians who have ideas about re-distributing wealth to those at the bottom. Behind the ‘fair go’ myth is its true meaning that ‘nobody should get something that I can’t get’ (even if that ‘something’ is to overcome injustice or unfairness). Australia is largely governed by the self-interested for the self-interested.
  5. Australia’s indigenous people are as downtrodden today as they always had been since the first fleet’s arrival in Botany Bay in 1788. Security guards expel Aboriginal people from shopping malls in Alice Springs; drive the short distance from the suburban barbeques of Cromwell Terrace to Whitegate camp, where the tin shacks have no reliable power and water. This is apartheid, or what Henry Reynolds calls, “This whispering in our hearts.”
  6. I’m intrigued that ordinary Australians are so worked-up over desperate needy unfortunate people who are only superficially different to themselves. Different does not imply better or worse. Different is simply different. How then is this crass negativity towards others possible? Manipulation. Fear-mongering. That’s how. I have no time for these supposedly mature well-educated gullible Australian racists, and neither should you.
  7. Australia is not so much hosting US military bases, but is becoming a virtual American base in its own right. That perspective may be overwrought, but almost a decade of continuous  developments in joint Australia-US defence facilities and new levels of US access to Australian facilities undoubtedly change Australia’s strategic situation profoundly.
  8. Animal spectatorship demands a long line of worn meat and hearty sacrifice. On closer inspection, the Australian racing industry is a blood bath, a vicious meat cleaver that takes its victims as they come. Jeff Dowsing (31 October 2013) Guardian, citing known figures from animal welfare groups, claims that some 25,000 racehorses face the “dog meat” fate. Cause the suffering of indigenous and introduced animals on an unbelievable scale – beyond anyone’s comprehension that continues unchecked.
  9. How 23 million Australians can be controlled by just a few people is shocking, yet they do, and we are nothing but fodder and money earners for them. These people who make decisions on behalf of us have always been slimy and sneaky, but the current situation is different, it is disgusting, it is despicable. Vile laws are being drafted as a pretext to protect us from danger and keep us safe from vile murderous terrorists [sic]. Our rulers are being allowed to bulldoze through any laws they like and the electorate not only puts up with this madness but many are in total agreement with the government’s lies. Australia’s prime minister daily claims that our borders are under threat and need to be “ramped up.”
  10. Australian television is bad. No, Australian television is total shit. No, Australian television is even worse, it’s focus is on advertising—screaming lunatic moronic advertisements with people with strange vocal fry accents that constantly interrupt and leave little space for actual programmes (most with little if any merit). And, lets not forget their nasty vile and creepy propaganda role as directed and controlled by their masters.
  11. Many regard this land as a resource open to unfettered exploitation and have little if any regard for nature. They extract resources that are owned by the Crown and sell these for huge profits. And create externalities that pollute nature (land, river, waterways, air, sea) that are harmful to all life, and leave a vast despoiled landscape and deny any liability.
  12. They introduced incompatible flora and fauna causing the vast extinction of indigenous flora and fauna.
  13. Much of the land was clear-felled and burnt causing widespread ecological disturbance, loss of habitat and the decimation of indigenous flora and fauna, and the displacement of the original owners of Australia.
  14. Nasty bullies engaged in genocide by systematically eliminating Tasmanian indigenous people and many others.
  15. The unfettered expansion of towns and cities reflect awful planning and a policy of much of the same and a dim-witted lack of vision.

Updated 24 September 2015


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