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Balancing my cardiology experience


I previously wrote a brief account of my unfortunate cardiology experience. My doctor’s fixation on coronary artery disease, “You will have a heart attack and die.” Blackmail, “I won’t be able to sleep at night.” He dismissed my view that coronary artery disease was not possible given my lifestyle. In the end, I truncated my association with this know-all man. This experience highlights how easy it is to become a victim, trapped and enslaved to the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex.

Yet, the experience had some wonderful plusses that fill my heart with joy. The people who supported me: in particular, my dear sister Cora who came to my aid in my hour of need, friends in the UK, Netherlands and Australia (a professor of cardiology, of all people). In particular, the wisdom shared by Buddhist monk friends. There were kind strangers: a bus driver, people waiting for a bus, a cafe owner and his wife, fellow train passengers and the organiser of the Walkatjurra Walkabout.

I love love love all these wonderful supportive people. Some relationships cannot be labelled or put in a box. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Also, I really value being loved back.


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