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Australia a nation past its zenith


On 13 September I celebrate my 7th year of relocating to Australia. Australia – the land where native people were robbed of everything and where they are, until now, living in appalling destitute. Australia, which belongs to the elites; Australia where one has to comply with the ruling-class mainstream narrative, or to be crushed and humiliated.

I recall returning to Australia in 2008 to be confronted by the reality that nothing of note had changed. Australia’s indigenous people are as downtrodden today as they always had been since the first fleet’s arrival in Botany Bay in 1788. Security guards expel Aboriginal people from shopping malls in Alice Springs; drive the short distance from the suburban barbeques of Cromwell Terrace to Whitegate camp, where the tin shacks have no reliable power and water. This is apartheid, or what Reynolds calls, “the whispering in our hearts.” How is that possible?

Australians go insane when faced with desperate strangers in their land—people only superficially different to themselves are viewed as invaders! These people are not evolved to live in a nation state: their mental capacity reverts to the reptilian cortex of the caveman brain. How to get food, ritual display, territorial dominance. Consider their willingness to support politicians who promise to deal with these unwanted miscreants. Racism and xenophobia are easily inflamed by the rhetoric of political leaders and propagated by the mainstream mass media. Australia is a land of racist intolerant nasty opportunistic fanatics.

Many Australians living and working abroad refused to return to Australia during the period of John Howard’s government. I’m certain that many Australians living abroad, at this time, are in a similar bind. Having returned to Australia in 2008, with optimism in my heart, I now want to flee. Even more so when I read crass rubbish from supposedly mature well-educated Australians. I have  wondered how it is possible that Australians voted for these ragbag representatives time and time again. Are they totally stupid or what is their excuse?

The Australian populace is informed by servile embedded journalists (stenographers) and analysts via the mainstream news broadcasts. There is no deviation from the official narrative. There is only obedience, discipline and total servility. Australians willingly and readily embrace well-rehearsed oft-repeated clichés.

The mainstream media continues to distract the public from newsworthy stories with sensational, nonsensical information which is of no importance or relevance whatsoever to anyone. Nothing becomes manifest until the mainstream media endorses it. Nothing  becomes real to most Australians before they get the mainstream word on it. These people depend on the mainstream story, made up statistics, spin, illusions and omissions like it’s their life! Until they get that signal they’re not sure what to think.

Australia is not so much hosting US military bases, but is becoming a virtual American base in its own right. That perspective may be overwrought, but almost a decade of continuous  developments in joint Australia-US defence facilities and new levels of US access to Australian facilities undoubtedly change Australia’s strategic situation profoundly.

Australia should adopt independence in foreign policy, unafraid to express its views to the world, and not follow other nations into wars of no direct interest to Australia or its security. Thus a sensible responsible leader with balls would bring to an end the current strategic dependence on the United States and establish instead a truly independent Australia. And, pigs fly!


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