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No matter where you look in the world today, awful nasty things are happening. More fear is being created than ever before. Fear is the key to increased control and loss of freedom. Without creating more fear and new enemies, there can be no justification for increasing defence purchases, the stealing of freedoms, creating stricter laws or increasing surveillance. Manufactured fear is the key to almost everything happening around us, at this time. If you were to add up all the crises emerging around us, you would see that the aim is for individuals to slide down into abject misery and defeat.

People are unwittingly trapped in this fabricated world. The vast majority can’t see the lies, and will defend the indefensible and attack those that attempt to expose it. Most people are here just to experience the lies and little else, it would appear.

The fabricators’ target is the individual because he potentially stands outside the system of mass control. He may start to ask, “What am I doing here?” “Why am I having to live in a corrupt, violent, evil society?” Ultimately he is here to find the holes in the matrix, to see through this matrix of illusions; to find the way to perceive this matrix for what it actually is; to see the truth behind the illusions and deceit. He does not fall for the fear and confusion agenda. Rather, he is here to free himself by stepping aside from the fabricated fear.

The Knight on his journey arrives at a point where he abandons the mission and stands alone, discovering what he wants to achieve. The decision is his alone; he is not beholden to a master. Through his capacity to explore and analyse the world, and through his creative force, he becomes an architect of the future. You are that Knight. Wake up!

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