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Writing your personal manifesto


A manifesto is a written declaration of our values and intentions in life. All too often people get busy with life and lose sight of what really matters to them. Instead we find ourselves driven by different things on different days and we don’t have a predetermined course through life. We get lazy, complacent, and may end up wasting our lives away with things that truly don’t matter to us. We become subject to the control of our ever-changing thoughts and feelings largely the result of the mainstream media. Thus by having a clearly defined set of values and principles gives us the ability to reflect on them and assess if we’re on track in our lives.

Your personal manifesto represents your values and principles, and the specifics are relevant to you. The method is analogous to that of vaccination and homeopathy: cure like by like: give yourself a mild attack of the disease now, and thereby build antibodies that ward of the real disease when it strikes. This is in principle the method. When should this treatment of writing your personal manifesto begin? Some would say the sooner the better, but there are no rules. Everything depends on the needs of the person. Recognise that for the person of the third age it is a duty and necessity to give serious attention to oneself unlike when in the second age of life. 

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