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I’m free. Are you?


I often ask myself why I beat myself up attempting to reach out to people who have no ears to hear?  My message of hope is trumped by the professional liars who keep people in front of their televisions. Reading gossip magazines. Eating vast amounts of toxic food. Shopping – always shopping – for the latest fashions and trends. That’s the ideal for propagandists and great efforts are made to achieve and maintain that ideal. Anything that keeps the masses from organising themselves and asking important questions about what their masters are up to.

The mainstream media is adept at reporting the mindless, and the worthless, while completely ignoring the real news—information. I’m unable to discuss the lies, the omissions: politics, violence, breakthroughs in medicine and pharmaceuticals, celebrity that is exchanged for your attention, sport, weather (the format of a typical mainstream news broadcast world wide). People don’t want to hear about the mainstream’s role to control and enslave people. They quickly become outwardly uncomfortable and agitated.

Look back to the 1960s—a period of awareness and rebellion against the establishment largely led by students. The establishment ordered it stopped, and propagandists moved in to lead the young people away from radical to fashionable protests. That was then. This is now. Fashion. Celebrity. Sex. Music. Technology. Any kind of revolution except the social revolution.

People are turned into consumers who work to buy things they don’t need: advertising, credit, obsolescence. Consumers are enslaved to the banks, pay taxes to their government for new murderous weapons for pernicious invasions of sovereign countries, and encouraged to send our children to fight there on some pretext.

Recognise that you have an innate ability to discern the Emperor’s New Clothes if you so choose. With such discernment, the dust on your spectacles falls away and you are able to see manipulation for what it is. You will recognise that it is not possible for commerce to deliver on any of its subliminal messages of emotional and personal fulfilment. Yet most people, when it comes to responding to what is important in life, have given over their critical-thinking ability to the world of commerce—with disastrous results.

Wake up!


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