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Waking up to the criminal medical pharmaceutical alliance

Yesterday, I was out walking with a group of friends. All was well until John broke the news of his flu jab. He presented as chuffed having made that wise decision [sic]. If you de-construct John’s decision it was based on his physician’s advise and reinforced by the mainstream’s word on the need for flu jabs, and reinforced by his family and non-family members.

I spoke to my friends about the criminal medical pharmaceutical alliance, and my concern that people are in real danger of injury and a premature death by the hands of the trusted medical profession.

I was aware of their scepticism and rejection and their preparedness to defend the indefensible. Their behaviour is readily explained by Leon Festinger’s theory of cognitive dissonance. Individuals experience mental stress or discomfort when confronted by new information that conflicts with their existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

Yet I’m frustrated by my failure to convince those friends to consider their views and relationship with the medical profession, and wake up to the antics of the mainstream media. It is apparent that most people are unable to accept that their health is their personal responsibility—it is not the responsibility of any third parties—it never is and never was. It is no one else’s responsibility other than their own.

Whether you follow the practices of alternative medicine or conventional mainstream medicine, your health remains your personal responsibility, at all times. Do not rush into making hasty decisions when faced with treatment options and dealing with pill and jab pushing physicians.

The article ‘The LEGAL Killing Machines’ by Catherine J. Frompovich is a wake up call for all people. It is a compelling critique of the influence of criminal medical monopolies, the power of criminal pharmaceutical companies and criminal government agencies.

The LEGAL Killing Machines (Source)

Wake up!

It is bloggers, like me, who are the poets of our time.

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