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Life and truth


At this moment you could be anywhere doing anything. Instead here you are alone sitting before a computer screen. So, what’s stopping us from doing what we want, being where we want to be. Each day we wake up in the same room and follow the same path, to live the same day as yesterday. Yet there was a time when each day was a new adventure. Before our days were timeless, now our days are scheduled. Is this what it means to be grown up?

We discover the world through textbooks. For years we sit and regurgitate what we’re told. Tested and graded like laboratory rats. Raised to be smart enough to do our job but not to question why we do it. We work with no time to live the life we work for. Until that day comes when we are too old to do our job, and we’re left to die and our children take our place.

If you live in the West you’re at high risk of cancer or heart disease or both. We are prescribed expensive drugs to deal with these conditions. But the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex is a leading cause of death and misery. We’re told everything can be solved by throwing money at scientific research. Yet cancer numbers continue to soar despite the billions of dollars that have been spent on research over many decades. The promise of a cure remains “just around the corner.” Lets face it, the medical pharmaceutical industrial complex is not  serious about finding cures for some diseases, especially those that generate billions of dollars in profits. We think we’re running for a cure but really we’re running away from the cause. Our body is a product of what we consume, and the food we eat is designed for profit. We fill ourselves with toxic chemicals and the corpses of animals infested with drugs and diseases.

One day this sensation we call life will leave us. Our bodies will rot, our valuables recollected. Yesterday’s actions are all that remain. Each of us will be lucky to last to eighty. Death constantly surrounds us. Still it seems so distant from our everyday reality. We are a flash in time, but our impact is forever.

But we don’t see this. The corporations that own the media don’t want us to. They surround us with fantasy, distractions we’re told is reality. People would be awakened to the truth if the entertainment distraction was somehow turned off. They might then have time to research things, to care, to educate themselves. A well educated, well informed, critical thinking public is a threat to the leaders.Wake up and start living the truth!

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