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The vile cancer Industry


My dearest friend recently died. He was diagnosed with cancer in July 2014, and was cut, poisoned, radiated, and for what? To be buried! The reality is that people who face a lethal grave disease will try almost anything to live. The vile cancer industry has brainwashed the populous that pharmaceutical products are the answer. However, there is no cure for cancer! Chemotherapy is almost the law of the land.

… the experience of cancer has unfolded much like a rite of passage. As is portrayed in the film 50/50 (source), cancer forces you, like any neophyte, into a liminal state. The side effects of cancer treatments result in noticeable physical changes—a pale pallor, a slow unsteady gait, hair loss, and a frail body—that set the patient apart from “normal” people. The physical manifestations of cancer and its treatment regimes are markers of impeding death, which, given the intense fear we have of death in Euro-American societies, makes most of us uncomfortable. What do you say to someone who has cancer? (source)

Oncologists and others are guilty of legalised murder. Questioning the cancer industry’s barbaric practices is verboten, and very few do so. Further, its my experience that no one wants to hear. They will even defend the vile cancer industry. I’m convinced that future generations will look back in horror with today’s harmful miserable and unethical cancer treatments, of that I’m certain.

What are the public’s sources of information about the cancer industry: the mainstream media, of course. As do the medical profession but they are further manipulated and corrupted by BigPharma. (source) What other reliable and truthful  sources of information do they turn to? None! They are presented with propaganda that urge well-indoctrinated consumers to believe any and all authority figures, politicians and commercial advertisers. No critical thinking skills are required – or allowed, for that matter. (source) Nothing becomes manifest until the mainstream media mantra endorses it? Nothing becomes real to most people before they get the mainstream word on it? People depend on the mainstream story, made up statistics, spin, illusions and omissions like it’s their life! Until they get that signal they’re not sure what to think. Why do they think these things about the cancer industry? Isn’t it obvious if not suspicious that everyone says the same clichés? Wake up!


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