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Politicians always find beautiful words to hide ugly realities


Remember that nations are invented, borders are invisible, prejudice is learned. We’re all human beings who bleed the same blood and shed the same tears. Every time a person suffers, from Detroit to Gaza, that’s our brother. That’s our sister. That’s our family… To truly appreciate the good, we first must free ourselves from the prisons of our own minds and the dogmas society ingrains in us. Our empathy needs to extend toward every corner of the Earth, to every living thing. I struggle with all of this on a daily basis as I’ve delved into the utter destruction wrought on this precious planet. But I also know that every issue I’ve ever covered is so much bigger than me and my tiny existence. I have only been a vessel for the truth. And now, you all need to be too. So, empower yourself. And please know you’re not alone. Because together, we’ll never, ever stop breaking the set! ~Abigail Suzanne Martin

Politics has always been with us but what has happened? What has changed? The world remains the same sorry merry-go-round! In fact, misery goes on becoming multiplied every day. The revolutionaries and radical politicians have proved to be mischievous.

The psychopathic politician has no consciousness; in fact, he or she is trying to avoid  and escape from his or her own inner problems. And the easiest way to escape from oneself is to become distracted and concerned about world problems, economics, politics, history, service to the poor, transformation of the conditions of the society, reformation: strategies for escaping from one’s own problems – subtle strategies, dangerous ones, because one feels that one is doing something great, while one is simply being a coward.

The fundamental law of revolutions: when the revolution comes, things will be different – not better, just different.

Politicians have been driving the world for centuries – to where and to what end? Is it not time that we should recognise the stupidity of the game? At least some of us are awake to thousands of years of politics and what has happened? Mankind remains in the same darkness, in the same misery, in the same hell. Yes, politics goes on giving the masses hope: a better tomorrow, which never comes. The religion of government (Statism) has proved to be the opium of the people. It has kept people in a drugged state, in a sleep state so that they can tolerate an intolerable existence, that they can tolerate all kinds of slavery, starvation, in the hope of a better tomorrow. Millions of people remain in that drugged state, under that chloroform – statism chloroform.

One hundred years have passed since the Russian Revolution, and the tomorrow is still as far away as before. Sixty five years have passed since the Indian and Gandhian Revolution, and the tomorrow remains as far away as ever, in fact, farther away than before. The people who sacrificed their lives did so in vain; it would have been better if they had lived. The people who were killed committed suicide, hoping that they were doing great service to humanity.

Don’t create any more madness in the world as it is already full of madness. All kinds of sociopathic maniacs are loose in the world. Wake up!

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