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What are the purposes of an Australian federal system of government?


Mind control has one basic purpose: the construction of false Reality. The embedding of false Reality to such an extent that it seems absurd to question it or even notice it. Purple and pink raccoons? Of course there are purple and pink raccoons. Why do you even bring it up? Without purple and pink raccoons, the world as we know it would collapse. ~Jon Rappoport, The Underground

They do not think for themselves

“… And are the public relations firms succeeding?” The Prince of Darkness asked.

“Splendidly, Sir! We are moving into a 96% influence range. The population at large imagines that the programming they watch on their televisions is independent reporting, when in fact most of what they see is totally produced by our public relations firms to teach them how to think. Of course they cannot think for themselves. There have been a few pathetic attempts by the maverick fringe to educate the viewer that they are being manipulated; but as usual, the masses are so passively hypnotized that they ignore any warnings.”

“Excellent,” said the evil prince. ~V. Susan Ferguson (1997) The Prince of Darkness Meets His World Elite:

The Australian Constitution of 1901 established a federal system of government with the powers distributed between a national government (the Commonwealth) and the six States and three Territories. The Constitution defines the boundaries of law-making powers between the Commonwealth and the States and Territories.

The Constitution does not have much to say about individual rights. It mentions only a few rights: compensation for property acquired under Commonwealth law (sec.51(31)); trial by jury (sec.80); freedom of religion (sec.116); freedom from discrimination on grounds of State residence (sec.117). 

Yet the High Court of Australia has implied other rights from the Constitution. In particular, the separation of the judiciary from the other branches of government in chapter three of the Constitution has been used to support the independence of courts in making decisions in individual cases. The High Court has begun to imply basic political rights from the general provisions for representative democracy set out in chapter one of the Constitution.

Whereas the Constitution of the United States established the federal government for six specific purposes: unity, justice, domestic tranquillity, defence, promotion of the general welfare of the citizens and securing liberty for all.

Thus the purpose of the Australian government is to protect the individual rights of its citizens. Since rights can be assaulted both from within Australia or outside of it (internal and external security), the government must deal with either threat. This requires a military for defence of the country, and a police system to protect the individual citizens from other individuals within the country.

To ensure that rights are upheld properly, the judgment of the use of force must be objective. Since individuals involved in an incident are not likely to be objective, it is the government’s task to judge the individual use of force by its citizens. For this reason, the government must provide a court system. Laws are the tools by which the court decides if a use of force is valid or not.

It is clear that Australia’s constitutional founders were not alert to their creating a federal system of government run by sociopaths intend on retaining or regaining power as their raison d’être. I don’t understand this world of slippery politicians. These men and a few women are ignorant of the true purposes of government.

Further the Australian voter is not awake to the reality that there is no meaningful difference between Country Liberal and Labor. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the left-right debate and believe there’s a difference between the two major parties. However, debate is one thing, while actions are another. By their deeds you shall know them, and it is indisputable that there is no significant difference between these political parties when it comes to action on important issues. How is this possible? The anesthetized general public are distracted to look the other way at the World Championship Cricket or Kim Kardashian’s arse, or wherever else they are told to look at by the leaders. That’s how!

The grand illusions of law, order and authority; prosperity and happiness; choice and freedom; truth; time; separateness have been staged before us as a campaign to encourage blind acquiescence to the machinations of the matrix. In an attempt to dis-empower us, they demand our conformity and obedience, but we must not forget that all of this is merely an elaborate sales pitch. They can’t sell what we don’t care to buy. But only if you’re awake to their machinations. Wake Up!

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