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The unstoppable awakening shift


I’m not the only one interested in the truth about our government and the world at large. Those who are awakened are experiencing the slow transformation of humanity from a species asleep and unaware of the globalists’ plans (e.g., Operation Gladio) to one more politically awakened than at any point in history. This mass awakening cannot be stopped by the globalists, and they know it. They are acting with desperation with one false flag after another. The mass awakening forced: 1) Obama to tell graduates of Ohio State University a year ago to ignore the voices warning of tyranny; 2) the pull of the MH17 story out of the spotlight for fear of too many people getting it; and 3) forced Google to block the viewing of the fake James Foley beheading video for fear that the masses would discover that the beheading video was a total pathetic fraud.

This mass awakening and paradigm shift is irreversible and unstoppable, and happen it will. People are increasingly aware of the same patterns repeated over and over again: problem-reaction-solutions; appealing to emotions; mass media scripted timings; and breaking news. The script is old and tired and loathsome. People are increasingly finding ways to resist the poisons we are surrounded by. For example, people are actively resisting and questioning the wisdom of 30+ vaccines in the first few years of life. They are rejecting genetically modified food and instead demanding healthy nourishing food. There is the shared realisation of becoming independent from government as the means to true freedom.

There is hope and there is a renewal and a reshaping of the paradigm of who we are. The change continues toward awakening. Mainstream media is losing their audiences and their grip, and people everywhere, more than ever, are recognizing the false flag and staged news reports as awful lies and manipulation. Soon it will be checkmate for the globalists and their mainstream media.


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