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Red Alert, Queensland


Table Talk: Bob Ellis on Film and Theatre published on 25 November 2014

More Australians have been killed on Australian soil in the last four days by Queensland police than by ‘terrorists’ in the last ninety-nine years. It is to be wondered if the half billion we spent on detecting and deterring ‘terrorists’ in Brisbane during the G20 (there weren’t any) and the four billion we will soon spend on ferreting out teenagers with bad thoughts is worth it.

More women have been beaten to death by ex-husbands in the last month than Australian citizens killed by ‘terrorists’ since the last raids of Ned Kelly. More Australians have died in car accidents in the last two days than were killed by ‘terrorists’ in a century. Forty-seven of us died from cigarettes today, none from terrorism.

What, then, one may ask, is all this shit?

It is a game as old as anti-Semitism that is now being played by our Government, who need, these days, an enemy that smells worse than they do. It is identical, pretty much, with anti-Semitism, since Arabs are a Semitic people, and, like Jews, monotheists, and territorial warriors. And the evil, predatory, hairy Jew of Goebbels’ propaganda has an equivalent now in the evil terrorist teen-seducing mastermind of Brandis’s foul fantasia. It has no more numerical presence than Satanists, or child-sacrificing Seventh-Day Adventists, or the disciples of Hannibal Lecter. But there you go. It is believed.

A war on the redback spider would save more lives. A war on backyard pool drownings. A war on alco-pops. One-punch assaults in Kings Cross have killed more Australians than ISIL thus far; or, if Phil Hughes dies, fast bowlers called Abbott.

I know this is not all that useful. It is what Waugh calls ‘expostulation that is futile’.

But I note it. I curse it, and sigh, and get on with other things.


I’m grateful for the reference—with thanks. Bob Ellis’ grasp and insight of the matrix and its operations sets him apart from the mainstream slime-balls.


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