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Australia: a culture of conformity


Australia, the island continent, is a nation of conformist queuers, plodders, sticklers, traditionalists, toe-the-liners, and conservatism that actively resists any change what so ever.

What has given shape to this culture of conformity? It is clear that conformity results from direct and overt social pressure. The mainstream media is an instrument that bombards people, day after day, year after year, with information. So, you would think that people are well informed. They are not well informed in any way shape or form. In fact, all they know is what the masters want us to know in the form of irrelevant inconsequential bullshit. Yet this tosh has the power to shape Australians’ behaviour. The propaganda machine sees to that.

There has been an enormous growth in TV news casts throughout the day with no escape during peek-viewing periods. With your TV switched on there is no escape from the propaganda machine! Worse is yet to come. No it’s already here,

… the Korean manufacturer conceded that it has been collecting channel, TV platform and broadcast source data from some units, even when the feature was switched off. However, the company said that when the feature operates normally, it helps provide viewing recommendations to other LG Smart TV owners based on what they are watching. In response to claims it was also beaming over names of files located on connected USB keys, LG admits that it actually forms part of an upcoming service that searches the internet for detailed information on a particular film or TV show.

Understandably, both features might leave a nasty taste in your mouth, especially if you own one of the affected Smart TVs. With that in mind, LG says that while it has never stored private data, it is working on a new firmware update that will ensure its data-collection settings adhere to user preferences — that’ll include killing off its file metadata-matching service before it had the chance to live. ~engadget

One of the most curious of our cultural outcroppings are the uniquely Australian brand of shouting advertisements on TV, where a crude male nasal clenching shouting voice harangues viewers into attending the 48 hour sale. Europeans visiting Australia ask why we put up with such treatment. Indeed. Why? In fact, most people do put up with this treatment and reward the molesters by buying their products. Enslavement to the banks follows from advertising, credit and obsolesce.

The rollout of Australia’s virus-like suburbia has created thousands of small villages, each with the ability to self-police, to monitor our neighbours. And, monitor they do. For example, in Victoria ,

An owners corporation … manages the common property of a residential, commercial, retail, industrial or mixed-use property development… As a member, you have legal and financial responsibilities to the owners corporation.

Forget all about good manners and courtesies. In an owners corporation the majority rules. And the majority can be all number of things such a dysfunctional, self interested, misguided, power hungry, stubborn and so forth. Beware and be warned of this possible pitfall. It can be oppressive to have to live according to the standards of the majority, however heartfelt our neighbours’ demands and however right they think they are. The phrase ‘tyranny of the majority’ has been coined for such a state of affairs.

We’ve now internalised our great Australian conformity. Just look at the fury cyclists incite amongst motorists. Why? Because they break the rules. Because they don’t have licenses. Because they’re not abiding by our strict internal rules. Because they don’t pay road tax. Because they don’t have insurance. When graffiti artists paint a colourful mural on drab brick, mainstream news erupt in condemnation of these breachers of the status quo.

Our conformity is not about thinking it’s about abiding by the rules. There is no leeway, no room for dissent. And that means there is no room for independent thought. It is our casual authoritarianism, our internalised conformity that makes us followers, not leaders.

People are manipulated by the mainstream media news services to care about certain issues decided by our masters, of course. You are obligated to get up and vent that fire in your belly by, for example, donating your hard earned cash to some criminal charitable operation/organisation or approve sending our children to some war zone (to defend our country) from which they may never return. Our military is a for-hire defence force for large corporations involved in asset stripping the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan or approve the inhumane asylum seeker policies (soft border control policies are luring people to their deaths. If we don’t want this to keep happening, we must make these policies tougher) or approve the cuts to mining taxes or omit Julian Assange’s plight from the national discussion (and, of course, everyone knows that he is a criminal because an earlier prime minister said as much). To mention just a few. My list is long. Very long!

These grovelling submissions to political correctness are routine in Australia. It’s clearly not the place to be if you have a rebellious, independent mind and spirit.


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