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Get out of every matrix influence


Network (1976) is a film that describes today’s situation about television, news, and the main stream media. The film resonates louder and sounds truer now than it ever did when first made and released. It is a film with a message for our time!

The film was viewed by millions of people right around the world but the powerful message delivered by an excellent actor did not succeed to convince people to wake up to the matrix they are trapped in, and switch off all aspects of the mainstream media. After all, the purpose of the film was to entertain.

Howard Beale’s advice is applicable across the board – turn off those influences in whatever form. They’re what are destroying us individually as well as collectively. Turn it off, and get out of every matrix influence you possible can! Your life and those of your loved ones depend on it. Don’t let them down. Wakeup.

Believe nothing
Question everything
Get out of every matrix influence: television, newspapers, radio.


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