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Chroma key compositing and the propaganda industry


Some few years ago, I recall watching an Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) evening news programme that included a daring Australian foreign correspondent reporting within sight of an Israeli launcher blasting rockets into Gaza and murdering the hapless people there. I then turned to the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) news programme to discover that their correspondent was in precisely the same location as the Australian was. The two backgrounds were identical in every which way. How could that be?

Well it turns out that these propagandisers use chroma key compositing techniques to fool the masses — and, successfully for a long-time. The technique is used to remove a background from the subject (such as our two daring [sic] correspondents) — particularly by the the mainstream media. For example, it is used for weather forecast broadcasts, wherein the presenter is seen standing in front of a large map during a television broadcast, though in actuality it is a green background. Thus the daring correspondents were most likely nowhere near the rocket launchers and possibly not even in Israel.

This YouTube highlights the deception of chroma key compositing. Green screens are a staple and must-have tool for the propaganda industry. Thus if you think such news reporting is recorded on site…think again.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to question anything that comes across the television screen. We don’t have a firewall in the mind, so it’s useful to sharpen the intuition and discernment – and guard what we let enter it in the first place. Remember awake people are aware and seethe with contempt for those misleading and misinforming them. They know the mainstream media as deliberately biased. We can stop this not yet recognised epidemic by boycotting the mainstream media—turn off your TV or better still, get rid of it altogether, and read a book. Be aware and conscious of the matrix and its vile agenda. Wake up!


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