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This video should be passed on by Elizabeth Meehan


This is telling it like it is – from a US ex marine, speaking out in London – well worth listening to what he says!

Thanks – have a look at the video, even if you don’t read on!

I had a slightly shorter version of this published in the West Australian:

Australia is now sending humanitarian aid to Kurds in northern Iraq and now also supplying weapons – this decision has been made without consultation with the Iraqi government, or indeed the Australian people.

We are now involved in yet another incursion into foreign territory – why? I think we need a bit more explanation than, “this is not 2003 all over again”. Is it Vietnam all over again? Is this arming the Taliban to fight the Russians all over again? As the wife of a Vietnam veteran, all war horrifies me. We must support the troops, but how many more troops and their families must suffer from the long term pain of war before we learn anything?

There is no doubt that the Kurds in Iraq are in dire straights. So also are the Kurds in Iran – they are an oppressed minority, with mineral wealth and water in their region  which is controlled by the majority Iranian government. There are landmines in the Kurdish fields, and no future for the children, who are largely uneducated.

How many Australians know that Reza Barati was a Kurd from Western Iran? He was killed in February by a rock to the back of the head while under the care of Australian government on Manus Island.

At the same day that as ISIS invaded Iraq, the Australian government sent an asylum seeker back to Iraq. No asylum seekers from Kurdish Iran, or Iraq will be settled in Australia under the government’s rules.

I would call on Julie Bishop, the federal member for Curtin and minister for foreign affairs to please explain to the people of Australia how it is that Kurds in Iraq are receiving humanitarian and military aid, while at the same time Kurds in Australian detention are enduring mental and physical suffering, at a cost of $300 per day to the taxpayer. Placements in Cambodia and PNG remain impossible, Australia will not take these people, and they cannot be safely returned.

Ordinary Australians are paying for these policies, where is the logic? And where is the humanitarian aid for those in our care already? Kurds in Australia are also in dire straights, along with many others.

Thank you again for your consideration of this important question.


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