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A barber shop quartet of torment


Well, there I was in a barber shop with 3 customers ahead of me, and a large loud TV switched to ABCNews24. I was in Naraka-gati a place of torment—a hell realm, the most terrible of the Six Realms. Think about the consequences of being exposed to such torment for hours and hours, day after day, year after year like most people are.

Several more customers arrived. And, they voiced their opinionated views of the domestic situation and that of the situation abroad—with authority, I might add. How did those men arrive at those views? How were they informed? Did they do the research? No, they definitely did not do any research of that I’m certain. They trust and accept that all they’re told is true. They have trust. Yet, they are asleep. They are trapped in the matrix. The political elite will never tell the truth.

The docile masses, mesmerised by trivia, propaganda, complacency and ignorance have no grasp of the basic elements of the truth. The mainstream media’s current promotion of war cannot be underestimated. They promote the international corporate and shadow governments’ foreign policy objectives – which result in the death of countless innocents. Why are so many Australians so easily duped time and again? Why is there such a vast ignorance of the truth behind national and international affairs?

The answer lies not with the specific issues and the lies and propaganda used to befuddle the people, but with the cultural and social background that frames Australian’s thinking. The latter serves to cut to the root people’s belief in their own power to think freely and clearly about the former. Invade people’s minds over many years with an ongoing series of interconnected memes, occupy their minds with alleged facts that induce a frenzied depression, and then fooling them on specific issues. Nothing becomes manifest until the mainstream media mantra endorses it? Nothing becomes real to most people before they get the mainstream word on it? People depend on the mainstream story, made up statistics, spin, illusions and omissions like it’s their life! Until they get that signal they’re not sure what to think.


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