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People all over the world are waking up to the matrix


The goal of public relations is to control people, and maintain (manage) them as obedient citizens, and ultimately prevent people from waking up to the truth, and crossing over. Mainstream television, of course, plays a central role in this effort. Aside from what is laughingly called the news, the proliferation of crime dramas and sports coverage fulfils the desire for well-defined outcomes: Good always triumphs over evil. The good guys arrest the bad guys. One team wins, the other team loses. It’s clear-cut. Our side always defeats the enemy in war dramas. Simple. With relatively few exceptions, things resolve the way they’re supposed to. If the fictional hero is “fighting against the establishment,” it’s revealed he’s really battling “a rogue element.” So the television audience can rest easy. It’s all OK. The authorities are on the side of the angels.

We are raised and educated to believe that if something is wrong, there is a prescribed solution; if not, nothing was really wrong. This is a huge lie. This is mind control. It’s successful because official bodies are full of prescribed solutions. They appoint themselves princes of solutions. They breathe and excrete solutions every day.

Creating a wider gulf between the rich and poor is a strategy to force people to fall in line. Those on the edge of sinking into poverty are unlikely to step out and defend conspiracy researchers and citizen reporters. So it’s all the more unusual and forceful that we are seeing a wave of anti-establishment research. It means that people all over the world are fed up with the status quo and the official scenarios put in place to protect it. Large numbers of researchers are being read, seen, and listened to online. We’re winning. People are crossing the bridge from official stories (lies) to the truth, and for many there is no turning back. No one claims it would be easy. But we do have an inherent desire to see things through. It’s strong. It’s compelling. It’s real.


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